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BDA policies

Payment: Payment for classes must be made in full before the start of the class. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and online payments. Booking online is essential for all classes & workshops. You may also book your next class at reception desk.

Attendance: Regular attendance is important to learn the most from our classes. If you are unable to attend a class, please let us know at least 12 hours in advance. Booked classes cannot be refunded, but we may be able to offer a makeup class if space is available.

Dress Code: We recommend comfortable, form-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement like leggings, long skirts & tops. Most of bellydance classes are bare-feet, you may wear socks or ballerina shoes. No street shoes for bellydancing, help us keep our studio clean.

Folklore classes like Dabkeh need sport shoes. You will be advice in advance.

Conduct: We expect all students to treat each other and our instructors with respect at all times. Any disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the class without refund.

Lateness: In order to prevent you from injuries by not having a proper warm up, we don’t allow students to enter the class after 10 minute of starting time.

Photography and Videography: No photography or videography is allowed during class without prior permission from our instructors.

Phone use / smart watch: Please refrain from using your phone during class, including taking calls, texting, or browsing the internet. We encourage you to turn off your phone or put it on silent mode before entering the studio. The use of smart watch to quick reply messages cause the same distraction in class than having your phone in hand. Please ensure to disable notifications before the class starts. If you have an emergency, please leave the room to take the call.

Be a student: Regardless of your age and skill level, whether you are a professional dancer or a beginner looking to have some fun, when you enroll for any of our session you become a student, enjoy the journey. We create a supportive environment to help you develop and refine your bellydancing skills. We also understand that some dancers are naturally talented; however we emphasize the importance of following teachers' advice to prevent you from injuries. At BDA we count with dedicated instructors that will guide you and help you unlock your full potential in the art of bellydancing.

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