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Teacher Training 

Do you have a passion for belly dancing and dream of turning it into a career? 


Becoming a belly dance instructor is an amazing and rewarding skill that can help you transform your passion into a business. Sharing your love for belly dance with others not only allows you to teach a beautiful art form but also provides you with a flexible way to work and make a living doing something you love. Let us help you share your passion and turn it into a lifelong career!

The Bellydance Academy is the first Bellydance Certification offered in UAE approved  by KHDA  (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).


At the Bellydance Academy we believe there is no shortcut to knowledge. We understand that becoming a teacher is not simply about learning some moves

but getting your skills to perfection. We are dedicated to guiding you through a comprehensive course. With our expert guidance, you will acquire the skills and confidence needed to earn your certification and embark on your journey as a professional Bellydance Instructor. 

Join us at the Bellydance Academy and take your first steps towards a fulfilling career as a certified Bellydance teacher. Let us help you unlock your full potential and help other women in their path. 

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