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Bellydance private lesson offers a tailored and concentrated approach to learning, allowing the student to make significant progress in a shorter amount of time while receiving personalized attention and support from the instructor.
During the private lesson, the instructor assesses the student's current level of proficiency, dance goals, and areas of improvement. Based on this assessment, the lesson is structured to address the student's unique needs and preferences. The instructor guides the student through various movements, steps, and combinations, offering detailed feedback and adjustments to enhance their technique. 
One of the key benefits of a bellydance private lesson is the opportunity for the student to receive immediate and specific feedback. The instructor can correct posture, alignment, and execution in real-time, which accelerates the learning process and helps the student grasp the nuances of bellydancing more effectively.
Private lessons also provide an environment where the student can ask questions, seek clarification, and explore their personal style under the mentorship of an experienced instructor. The lesson content can vary based on the student's interests, whether they want to focus on certain styles of bellydancing, work on choreography, improve specific movements, or receive guidance for performances. It is also very suitable for beginners students who wish to learn at a slower pace.

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  • 45 minutes class 320 aed         

  • 10 classes package -20% OFF

  • 60 minutes class 420 aed        

  • 10 classes package -20% OFF

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