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All our programs are available as private lesson 

or regular classes. Online & In the studio. 

For private lessons in the studio or at the comfort of your home please contact us here.

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Do you wanna learn belly dancing ? 

Come join us for an exciting journey of exploration and self-expression through the art of belly dancing! Our lessons are designed to teach you step by step techniques to improve your dancing skills, regardless of your level. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a variety of movements, from basic shimmies and undulations to advanced hip work and veil techniques. Not only will you improve your physical strength and flexibility, but you'll also gain confidence and embrace your inner beauty through the empowering and artistic nature of this dance form.

Join us today and discover the joy of belly dancing!

No experience, no problem.

We have created a special FOUNDATION COURSE to introduce you the the basics steps of bellydancing. 

If you had never dance before and you want to learn the basic moves we encourage you to join this course: 


Foundation Belly Dance Course

In this comprehensive course you will learn the basics of bellydancing. Preparing your posture to become a dancer, working on shimmies & hip accents, chest movements & arms postures. Choose between our regular course or intensive foundation program if you wish to accelerate your learning. This program is also available online from the comfort of your home. We also provide exclusive 1-to-1 sessions with our amazing instructors. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the magic world of belly dancing - Register for the next course starting soon!

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After completing your FOUNDATION course you can move to next level.

This course is suitable for beginners & improvers. If you feel you are confident with basic steps and you can follow simple combinations but your body still lacks flexibility and smoothness, this is the level for you.



In this level, you'll be learning all the basic movements and techniques. You'll start to build muscle memory and become comfortable with the basic bellydancing movements. Engaging in weekly choreographies will facilitate your transitions, allowing you to dance seamlessly and independently, without relying on constant guidance from the teacher.

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After passing your yearly exam and/or by advice from your teacher, you can move to the next level. If you have learn bellydance before and you feel  you can join an intermediate class you can book an assessment appointment of 30 minutes with your teacher, in which she will test your abilities and offer you a detailed feedback on your bellydance skills.



During this phase, you'll be refining your techniques, learning more complex movements, and exploring various styles within bellydancing. You'll also begin to develop your own style and expression.

Getting the basics of ballet to improve your turns and lines will also help you in this stage. You will be learning folkloric dances and different elements such as: Assaya, floor work, silk veil, saiidi, dabke, golden era, etc.  

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After learning many of the folkloric styles and being able to differentiate between them you are ready to transfer to the advance level. In which you will learn rhytmology of each dance style, saggats, sword, wings and more elements to uplift your performance as a dancer.



As you progress, you'll work on mastering intricate movements, combining them seamlessly, and diving deeper into the artistry of bellydancing. You might start performing in more public settings and participating in workshops to enhance your skills.

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Achieving a professional level typically requires years of consistent training, performance experience, and continuous growth. Professionals often have a deep understanding of music, rhythm, cultural context, and advanced choreography. 


Professional Training

After finishing our program and teacher training you may want to continue your studies. In fact we never stop learning. There is many techniques in the world of bellydancing that you can start all over again. 

We advice you to continue your training in Bellydancing even when you are already teaching. 

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